Some of The Top Tourist Attractions In New Zealand

As most avid travelers will tell you, New Zealand is literally one of the best places for people seeking a natural-type of adventure or simply relish the idea of being outdoors. Due to its position on the global map, and years of geological occurrences, it is today considered as a prime tourist destination. With that said, the following are some of its most notable attractions, including points of departure for unforgettable New Zealand walks:

Tongariro national park and Milford Sound

Servings as the first National Park of the country, Tongariro is a unique area that sits on rugged terrain coupled with an exceptional volcanic landscape that is renowned for offering guests with wonderful and extreme surprises. Also, due its comprehensive ecosystems, travelers can expect to enjoy active volcanoes, tranquil lakes, almost desert-like plateaus, and wild forests. There is also the loved 19 Kim hike trailer that you can try.

Another prime attraction associated with New Zealand tourism is the famous Milford Sound situated on northern and largely accessible side of Fiordland National park. As any former guest will tell you, this area practically offers one of the most exotic examples of NZ scenery due to its glorious mountain peaks and deep, dark, blue waters. For those who love to take a walk, there are also several hiking trails for one to enjoy.


For those who haven’t yet been fortunate enough to visit the beautiful country of New Zealand, then it is best that when you do get the chance you remember that there are certain places that shouldn’t miss out on your itinerary list such as Rotorua. As any past visitor will tell you, this is just one of those areas that you have to see to believe.

Rotorua, also popularly known as the thermal paradise of New Zealand ever since the 1880s, serves as home to some of the most wonderful mud pools, thermal springs, and geysers to be found on the planet. These unique features have elevated the areas status to the point that it is now considered as a jewel of the land down under, with visitors flocking in each year to enjoy the experience.

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The Bay of island and Franz Josef Glacier

When it comes to the Bay of Islands, guests touring the region can expect to see an almost picture-perfect environment. History wise, the area was formerly known as Captain James Cook, who was an explorer who happened to dock at the island back in 1769. The total number of islands in the Bay is approximately 144, most of which have secluded and serene beaches that any guest is sure to enjoy. The place is also renowned for providing vacationers with an ideal marine life ambiance consisting of penguins, whales, and dolphins.

The Franz Josef glacier is another one of New Zealand’s most iconic tourist attractions situated inside Westland National Park. The good thing is that guests can simply walk right up to its foot or opt for a helicopter ride in order to get a better aerial view of the site.

Both avid and novice travelers can agree that New Zealand is a remarkably beautiful country. Furthermore, due its unique position and expansive geological occurrence, the region has emerged to be one of the best and most memorable tourist destinations in the world, ranging from exquisite landscapes, to breathtaking sceneries.